Paper Towel Holder To Store Garbage Bags

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I don’t know where this image came from, but it’s a great way to store garbage bags: use a paper towel holder.

Paint Storage

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If you paint, here’s a simple way to store the paint tubes. According to the artist Nicholas Egon Jainschigg:

Basically, I just got tired of having my paint tubes festering in drawers, getting gummy from leaking oil and impossible to find when I needed them. The “system” such as it is, is just hanging the tubes up on readily-available “handbag clips” (technically “Binder Clips” so you can Google them) so you can see all the tubes at once and tell what’s there.

Get a board, hammer nails into it, then attach the binder clips to the ends of the paint tubes for easy hanging. It lets you organize and easily access your paint at the same time.

[The Storage Geek]

Frozen Water Balloons As Ice

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I love this: fill balloons up with water, freeze them solid, and use them as “ice” when keeping beverages cold at a party. It looks festive and is less messy than regular ice, too. Great idea.

Clean Blinds With An Old Sock

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Here’s a great cleaning tip: Clean Blinds With An Old Sock. Why didn’t I think of this before?

Stowaway Bathtub

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This Stowaway Bathtub from GW International is pretty smart. Bathtubs have a lot of wasted space, so why not use them for storage? I’m not sure when this will be available, but for the sake of small bathrooms everywhere, I hope soon.

From Plastic Jug To Paint Holder

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I’m not sure where this image originally came from, but I wish I had known about this the last time I had to paint a wall. It’s great for when you have to go up on a high ladder and don’t want to bring the paint bucket with you.

Not as clever as using a plastic jug as a watering can, but close.

Mounted Unicorn Heads

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I’m not into mounted animal heads, but I may make an exception for a mounted unicorn head, like the ones in this French Chateau.

If you want your own, you could always make one out of cardboard:

Or paper mache:

Roll-On Wallpaper

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I curious about these Patterned Paint Rollers, which let you roll a pattern on your wall to get a wallpaper look in a room. Here is a woman demonstrating the product:

It seems like there are quite a few advantages to these. Cost, for one thing. Wallpaper is expensive. This is the cost of the roller (about $16) plus paint.

There are a lot of creative possibilities here, too. You can have any color combination you want in the room.

And while it looks like these might be a bit of a pain to use–you would have to have a very steady hand to get it look right–hanging wallpaper is a pain too. And if you don’t like the end result, you can always paint over it.

Has anyone used a patterned paint roller? What did you think?

4 Uses For A Magnetic Strip

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I use a magnetic strip to hold my kitchen knives and I love it. It keeps them out of the way and yet within easy reach. But there’s no reason this useful gadget has to be relegated to knives. Here are four other ways to use a magnetic strip:

Attach it to the bottom of a counter and use it to store spices.

Put in the medicine cabinet and use to store bobby pins.

Use it to store metal bobbins for sewing.

Use it to display a collection, like these antique metal knives.

Draw Your Own Grandfather Clock

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No money for a grandfather clock? Just draw one on the wall like this image from Molly Stern’s house tour on Apartment Therapy. It’s a playful and fun way to display a clock.

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