Easy Christmas Decoration: Giant Balloon Ornaments

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Here’s more easy Christmas Decor: Giant Balloon Ornaments. The bottom of the ornament is balloon, the top is metallic cardstock and pipe cleaners. This is great for a Christmas party.

Easy Christmas Decoration

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Here’s an easy Christmas decoration: put some Christmas balls under wine glasses and some tea lights on top. Pretty, festive, and frugal, too.

5 More Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

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I wrote 7 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas, and then I kept finding more cool possibilities for my 2014 kitchen remodel. Here are 5 More Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas:

My mom told me that it was annoying for her to lift her heavy mixer out of sight in her kitchen, but this lift-up shelf might solve that problem.

Here’s a simple way to hide your trash and your recycling.

Put your microwave behind a cupboard and no one knows it’s there.

Hang your pots instead of stacking them.

Keep the cat food and water out of sight with this adorable cat-friendly addition to the kitchen.

Thanksgiving 2013 Round-Up

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Thanksgiving is almost here.

Here’s the 2013 Thanksgiving Round-up of helpful posts:

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See EVEN MORE Thanksgiving posts here.

Make A Thanksgiving Thankful Jar

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[Image via LittleDiddy]

Here’s a cool Thanksgiving activity: when the guest arrive, they write down what they are thankful for and put it in the “thankful jar.” Later in the night, you read the slips of paper out loud.

It sounds like a great way to celebrate and share in being grateful.

5 Reasons Packages Get Destroyed

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Here’s an interesting article on 5 Reasons Packages Get Destroyed, as written by a former UPS worker.

Apparently writing “fragile” on a package might mean postal workers treat it more roughly, but it might work to “Camouflage It as a Heartwarming Gift.” From the article:

My default is to curse every package that comes down that slide. Anything that sticks out is going to brighten my day. So if you want your package handled a little more tenderly, give it to your small child (or a friend’s child — anyone’s child will do) and let them write on it in crayon.

See, I’m not about to smash a package that belongs to some kid. I see all the crayon scribbles and poorly spelled adulation for mom, or grandpa, or whoever the hell, and all I can picture is a toddler sending his beloved teddy bear to grandma on the raisin ranch because she only has days to live. And I’ll be goddamned if I’ll let anything happen to that teddy! Maybe you aren’t allowed within a certain distance of small children. That’s fine; just make the package look like a gift. Some stickers, “Happy Birthday” written on it, whatever. As long as it’s enough to create a heartwarming story to make us care a little more.

Got it. Write the address in crayon, maybe avoid this?

Read the rest of the article here.

Fireplace Pumpkin Arrangement

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Another great Halloween decoration idea: Fireplace Pumpkin Arrangement.

Arrange pumpkins in the fireplace, then carve the flames using a template. Get some candles in there and you’re good to go.

Bats As Halloween Decor

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I’ve mentioned the idea of bats as Halloween decor before. All you do is cut out a bat template like this in black paper or felt and tape or string to the wall. Like so:

Bats In the Living Room.

Bats across the mirror.

Bats on the house.

Bat garland.

3 Household Slides

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Instead of the stairs, why not take a slide?

Off the deck.

Down a hill.

Or just forgo stairs altogether.

Pumpkin Pie Potpourri

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Here is a simple fall decorating idea: Pumpkin Pie Potpourri.

Carve the pumpkin, cut air vents in it, and rub the top with pumpkin pie spices or push cloves into the top. Put a tea light in the pumpkin and the heat from the candle with warm up the spices and release a nice scent into the air.

I think I’m going to try this.

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