DIY Colorblocked Scratching Post

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DIY Colorblocked Scratching Post. This is quite a project: build the wooden frame, dye the rope, and attach the rope to the post. But it looks pretty great.

DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf

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This would be a great gift for a new mom: DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf. It only cost $5 to make.

DIY Watermelon Fruit Leather

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Sometimes I grow too many melons and didn’t know what to do with them all. I’ll have to remember this for next summer: Watermelon Fruit Leather. Apparently it’s just watermelon juice and sugar.

How To Shorten Your Jeans But Keep Their Store-Bought Look

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I’m 5’3″, so jeans are frequently too long for me. I’ve thought about hemming them, but didn’t want to ruin the look of the jeans. But if you’re braver than I am, here’s a tutorial for How To Shorten Your Jeans And Keep The Store-Bought Look.

DIY Chanel Pearl Bobby Pins

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So you like the look of the pearl bobby pins from the recent Chanel fashion show. What do you do? Pay $350 for Chanel’s bobby pins? No! You make your own. It’s an easy project using wire, bobby pins, beads (or pearls), and glue.


Here’s a site telling you how to do it.


And here.


And here.

This is giving me lots of new ideas for my beading supplies…

DIY Thrifted Owl Lamp

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Check out this DIY Thrifted Owl Lamp. It’s made out of a $4 ceramic owl from the thrift store that has been spray painted white.


I used to have a little ceramic owl like that–kind of wish I’d kept it now.

Small Kitchen? Maximize Space With DIY Baseboard Drawers

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Check it out: A Tutorial For Installing Baseboard Drawers in the kitchen. Pretty cool.

Turn A Book Into A Clock

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The clock in my son’s room broke. I’m considering turning a book into a clock. Here’s some tutorials that tell you how to Turn A Book Into A Clock:


Vintage Book Clock


How To Turn A Book Into A Handsome Clock


Literary Clock Using Children’s Books


Also this one.


Book Clock For A Book Shelf

Knitting Socks: The Anatomy Of The Sock

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:51 am on Thursday, January 29, 2015


I’m considering knitting socks. I found this post on the Anatomy of the Sock, a handy beginner’s guide in breaking down exactly how a sock is knitted.

Make Your Own Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:24 am on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Gathered Home took inspiration from a $1,200 light fixture and made their own for $50 out of copper pipes.

You know what? I like their version better.

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