Magnetic Key Holder

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This DIY project from Instructables shows you how to make a Magnetic Key Holder with your light switch.

All you do is wrap a magnet in some kind of cap and then put it in the light switch, like so:

The result is an elegant key holder right by the door. No need for a hook or bowl to hold those keys when you’ve got this more minimalist solution instead. [Lifehacker]

The Shower Is Done

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Our shower is finished!

I have mentioned our ongoing bathroom remodel before on here. It is taking a long time because Mr. Savvy only has time to work on it one day a week. Also, our bathroom was really gross and needed a lot of work. Here is the original tub:

Here is what it looks like now:



It’s sad that I can’t get better pictures of the finished shower (it’s cramped in there), because it looks great. Also, putting the new shower in was a lot of work. We had to remove the old tub and linoleum, plumb the new shower head and faucet, and put in new cement board behind the tub. Then we had to tile:

It took three months.

Next we’re starting tiling the floor.

My goal is to get the bathroom completely done this year. I hope we make it.

Make Your Own Ice Cream Maker

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I was saying the other day that I thought having an ice cream maker was one of the best “extras” you can have in a kitchen. After all, nothing beats homemade ice cream. But if you don’t want to buy one, you can try to make your own ice cream maker like this guy did. And then make his awesome-looking Elderflower Ice Cream.

Or you can ditch the machine altogether and make ice cream by hand using basic kitchen implements and the freezer. The results look tasty:

Here’s another method to make ice cream without the machine using evaporated milk and ice cube trays. I’m not sure how it tastes, but it looks good:

Personally, if I didn’t want to spring for a new ice cream maker, I would skip all this and look around some thrift stores for a hand crank model. They show up more often than you would think.

Savvy Housekeeping Ice Cream Recipes Round-Up:

Make Your Own Hedge Maze Rug

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According to Make, all you have to do to make your own Hedge Maze Area Rug is to tape off the pattern and carve out the design with a pair of electric hair clippers.

The results are pretty cool looking. And there’s no reason to stick to the labyrinth design–any grid-like design sounds like it would work great. [Apartment Therapy]

Build Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater

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There’s an article in Wired on How To Build Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater.

Dave Banks wanted a outdoor movie theater–which consisted of a projector, dvd, two speakers and a large screen–but he didn’t want to pay the retail price of $3,499 for one, so he made his own. He even made the 12′ x 6′ screen with pvc piping, buckets, rope, cement, and a piece of blackout cloth.

The total price, which included $125 for help assembling the screen, was only $248.

That’s some pretty awesome savings for a bit of work. [Lifehacker]

Make A Rope Wall

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Morgan Satterfield from The Brick House put up a project on how to make a rope wall. It’s a stylish room divider that is especially great for big open spaces.

To make the rope wall, Morgan that wood boxes custom built “with evenly spaced rope sized holes drilled through the top and bottom.” The ropes were strung through the top and tied off on the bottom to keep them taut. Then the box was screwed close.

The cost of this project wasn’t bad, says Morgan:

With this design the overall costs are kept pretty low for such a big impact. Rope is cheap, especially when bought in bulk, and wood boxes are very low cost to build. The true cost is going to be labor and time – it’s just a tedious and super repetitive process.

Of course, if you have carpentry skills, you could make your own box with wood and a drill–and very careful measurement.

One Year Egg Tally

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The above is a picture of our first chicken egg, laid on June 10, 2010. Last Friday marked one year of laying.

As I mentioned in the post on one year of owning chickens, now that the chickens are adults, they are laying 2-3 eggs a day. It took them a while to get up to that rate. The other two chickens, who are younger, didn’t start laying until October.

So, given that, the first year tally is a lower overall than it should be in the future. Still, I am happy to report that my three chickens yielded 477 eggs in the first year of laying.

And we ate (or gave away) every one of them. The eggs, not the chickens.

savvyhousekeeping owning chickens year egg eggs tally

Five Things To Do With Lavender

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[Courtesy Sunset]

As you might have been able to tell by the Lemon Lavender Cocktail, lavender plants thrives around here. I have three plants in my yard that are loaded with blossoms. They are lovely, hardy (in warmer climates), and fragrant plants, and the flowers can also be used in a variety of ways, from scents to drinks to desserts to main courses to perfumes to … you know what? Here are five things to do with lavender:

1. Lavender Oil: Heat the lavender flowers up with the oil and allow it to steep for a couple of weeks. Use the lavender oil as a moisturizer, perfume, bath oil, potpourri, or you name it.

2. Lavender Linen/Body Spray: Take the oil from above and combine with water it in a spray bottle, then use it to make things smell lovely.

[Courtesy One Ordinary Day]

3. Ice Cream: Lavender is a nice touch in ice cream, especially as a partner to another flavor like lemon or strawberry. Here is a recipe for Strawberry Lavender Ice Cream.

4. Entrées: Lavender can make a surprising and delicious addition to dinner too. For example, here’s a recipe for Lavender-Fennel Duck Breast that looks promising.

5. Lavender Sachets: The classic lavender sachet is great in lingerie drawers or linen closets. You make the sachets and fill them with lavender flowers. These also make great gifts.

How do you use lavender?

How to Make a Pot Rack from Copper Pipe

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How to Make a Pot Rack from Copper Pipe from This Old House. The project suggests a certain Victorian-era elegance–not to mention, a way to have copper in the kitchen without having to springing for copper dishes.

This Old House says the project will cost about $210 using everyday plumbing parts. The project takes two hours work and is supposed to be easy to do. There’s no need for soldering the pipes, just push them together, and use brass polish to make “the copper shine like a new penny.”

Carry Your Kindle Inside A Real Book

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:51 am on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have a Kindle? Why not carry it inside a real book? BustedTypewriter on Etsy came up with the idea of carving out a real book so you can put your Kindle inside it. You can buy one from them or make your own.

The idea has a certain meta quality that I appreciate. And since books are sturdy, they would make a good case for the more delicate piece of electronic.

So hey, between turning a book into a purse, using them to carry around your laptops, and hiding your valuables inside them, we’ll find a use for those old dust catchers yet! [Neatorama]

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