Homegrown VS Store Bought Egg

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Thinking of getting chickens this spring? Here’s the main reason to do it: homegrown eggs taste amazing.

Here’s a visual representation of the difference.

On the left, an egg my chicken Rosie laid. On the right, an egg from the grocery store.

* Yolks orange * Yolks yellow
* Whites fluffy * Whites watery
* Cooks fast * Cooks slow
* Tastes 1000% better * Tastes fine

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Make A Beer Scavenger Hunt For Valentine’s Day

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Last year for Valentine’s Day, we’d just had Savvy Jr. and we knew we wouldn’t be going out for a fancy meal. I decided that Mr. Savvy’s gift would be a beer scavenger hunt. I bought some beer at the local craft brew store and hid them around the house with clues that led one to the other. Then I gave him the first clue and started him off.

This is a fun, creative gift if your husband or boyfriend loves beer, and is especially useful if he is hard to buy presents for, as many men are. When I told the beer shop owner what I was doing, he said “I wish my wife would do that for me.”

Some pictures:

As you can see, this beer was in the medicine cabinet. The clue said, “Do I look fat in this?” and led to the bedroom.

A beer wearing a diaper? In the baby’s crib? That’s just wrong.

Beers don’t belong in the shower.

A beer in a coat pocket. Classic.

How To Make A Beer Scavenger Hunt For Valentine’s Day

1. Buy The Beers. Pick a combination of beers you know he’d like, as well as some that he might want to try but hasn’t bought for himself. Pick something special for the end–I bought an expensive bourbon-barrel-aged beer to finish off the hunt.

2. Pick The Hiding Places. As you can tell from the above pictures, I put beers in the baby’s bed, the shower, the oven, and my husband’s coat, among other places. Be creative with this.

3. Write The Clues. Once you have the hiding places, write out clues that will lead him from one beer to the next. For example, the clue for the beer that was in the oven was “Even I can’t cool this place down.” Get it? Ovens are hot and beers are cold. Mr. Savvy knew where to go right away.

4. Hide The Beers. Tape the clues to the beers and hide them around the house.

5. Pick Something Special For The End. I put the fancy beer in the bar and attached a paper heart to it, as follows:

You can get as fancy or silly as you want with this. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Super Mario Bros. Aquarium

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Check it out, a Super Mario Bros. Aquarium.

It’s a scene from the Super Mario Bros. video game, complete with “the clouds, grass, mushrooms, ducks, pipes, level completion flag pole, resting castle and the stage indicators.”

The castle is made with Lego bricks that have been painted and covered with clear enamel. The pipes are made of PVC piping.

Here’s a video that lets you see the aquarium in action:

Mario Fish Tank from Cedrick Bearss on Vimeo.

Pretty awesome.

Turning A Shed Into An Office Part 2

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Our shed is now an office!

In Turning A Shed Into An Office Part 1 I talked about how we were going to add an office to our house by converting a shed. It took us over a year to finish it, but it’s done.

Here’s the inside.


    * Painted the outside of the shed to match the house.

    * Wired the shed for electricity.

    * Installed a light and power outlets.

    * Insulated and sheetrocked the walls.

    * Painted the walls.

    * Laid down a wood floor.

    * Put trim on the doors and window.

    * Installed floorboards.

And we’re not quite done. We still need a step, a path leading to the new office, and some landscaping. Part 3 coming soon!

Make Your Own Oil With An Oil Press

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:29 am on Monday, January 13, 2014

I want to make my own oil with a Piteba Oil Press. This $149 gadget allows you to make oil from many nuts and seeds, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, even watermelon seed. I’m dying to try it.

The way it works is you mount the oil press to a board, light the candle/wick to heat it up, put in the seeds/nuts, and crank out the oil. Here’s a video demonstrating it in action.

This machine would especially pay off if you had a free source of seeds and nuts. For example, if I get one:

* I’ll look into getting free grape seeds from a local winery (I already sent an email to a friend who works at a winery asking about this).
* I’ll grow a bunch of sunflowers next year for the seed.
* I’ll ask my neighbor for walnuts in exchange for some of the oil.
* I’ll try making oil with pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds, and whatever else I can think of.

This machine doesn’t work with fruit, including olives. It does say you can run dried olives (minus the pits) through the machine to get olive oil, which might be worth it. I’m not sure.

Have you ever made your own oil?

Crochet A Newborn Flower Blanket

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:35 am on Friday, January 10, 2014

I love this Flower Baby Blanket. The pattern costs $9.

However, I bet you can figure the pattern out yourself with a little bit of sleuthing. I’ll get you started: here’s a free tutorial for How to Crochet A Flower.

Print Your Own Poinsettia Ornament

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:54 am on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If you have a 3D printer, this Poinsettia Ornament looks great on the tree. Here’s a picture of it printing out:

10 DIY Christmas Gifts

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:26 am on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It has almost become a tradition around here. Here are 10 DIY Christmas gifts:

savvyhousekeeping 10 DIY Christmas present beer tasting flight

DIY Beer Tasting Flight

savvyhousekeeping 10 diy christmas presents shadow puppets

I posted about these Paris-themed shadow puppets. You can make your own shadow puppets and give them as a gift.

savvyhousekeeping 10 DIY Christmas Presents fox iPhone crochet

For a quick crochet present, try this red fox phone cozy.

savvyhousekeeping 10 DIY christmas presents crochet pot holders

Or these pot holders.

savvyhousekeeping 10 DIY Christmas presents cat bed

Or this cat/dog bed. (Okay, this one is not so quick.)

For the artist on your list, make a DIY leather pencil case.

savvyhousekeeping 10 DIY Christmas present travel photo diorama

Travel Photo Diorama.

savvyhousekeeping 10 diy christmas presents snapping paper towel

Snapping Paper Towel Set.

Natural Branch Coaster Set.

Finally, if you are bringing a gift, why not make your own edible arrangement?


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Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Ornament

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 9:13 am on Thursday, December 5, 2013

I don’t like Miley Cyrus’s bland music or the crass way she chooses to promote that music, but this Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Ornament is pretty funny.

And you can make it yourself. Just print out the Miley Cyrus template and tape to an ornament. 2013! Yeah!

Crochet This Awesome Cat Bed

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 9:24 am on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I love this adorable cat bed, and–good news–you can crochet one yourself with this free pattern. Scroll down to get it in English.

This would make a great Christmas present for your favorite pet lover… or just your favorite pet.

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