From Bookcase To Baby Clothes Closet

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I love this idea. Turn A Bookcase Into A Closet For Baby Clothes.

Stop You Kid’s Nodding Head With A Slumber Sling

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I could have had used this gadget when Savvy Jr. was younger. You know when they fall asleep in the car and their head gets heavy and falls forward? The Slumber Sling stops that from happening. No more worries about a sore neck and shoulders.

It’s a little pricey at $21.99, though. It looks like it could be easy to sew yourself.

DIY Sand and Rock Box

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This DIY Sand and Rock Box is a great idea. Sandboxes squick me out (cats) and we don’t have room for one, anyway. Maybe I should just make one in a big plastic box.


Great outdoor play potential here.

Savvy Jr’s Easter Basket

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Personal Creation’s sent Savvy Jr an Easter basket this year. We tried out the All-In-One Boys Easter Basket, which comes with:

Stuffed bunny
A chocolate bunny in box
Jelly beans
Small chocolate eggs
Mini chocolate bunnies
4 pack of Peeps
Sugared bunnies
And a personalized basket.

While these are all things you can buy yourself in the store, it was convenient to have it all sent to me and ready to go.

I was also pleased with the amount of candy the basket came with. There was so much, I didn’t put it all in the basket, but held some back to put in plastic eggs for his Easter egg hunt.

It was the major thing Savvy Jr–whose real name is Gideon–got this year, and he loved it.

Rocket Ship Canopy

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How fun, a Rocket Ship Canopy. $189.

Easter Egg Lunch

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I love this idea. Make an Easter Egg Lunch by putting plastic eggs in an egg carton and filling them with snacks. It couldn’t be simpler.

My son would love this.

Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets

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Love this idea: Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets. It takes an elastic “stretch cord,” needle, and jelly beans. I want one.

Free Pattern: Crochet This Alphabet Baby Blanket

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I love this free pattern to crochet an Alphabet Baby Blanket. Great gift potential here.

Entertain A Toddler For Hours With A Frugal Sticker Book

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I took a quick picture of this sticker book my mom gave my son before it became a little too well-loved, let us say. On the left is a sheet of stickers. On the right is notebook paper that has already been decorated by my son.

This is one of the cleverest gifts my son received this Christmas, and it cost under $5 to make. It’s a sticker book: a binder filled with blank pages, along with lots of stickers to put on the pages.

My son, who is 2, loves this gift. He has spent long periods of time taking stickers and putting them on the pages, and then coloring all around his design. It’s great for creative development and a nice way to occupy him when I’m busy. Plus you can keep adding to the sticker as you go along by replacing stickers and pages as needed.

All my mom did was get a white binder (she had one lying around–you can also frequently get them at thrift stores, unused, for under a buck) and fill it with white printer paper. Then she bought some stickers from the Dollar Store and stuck them in the envelopes on the front of the binder.

So if you’re in need of a new activity–or a fun, creative gift–give a DIY sticker book a try.

Great Rainy Day Kid’s Activity: DIY Laser Maze

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Here’s a great winter activity for bored little ones: DIY Laser Maze. All it takes is a hallway, red crepe paper. and some tape. Pretty great.

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