Baby Bathwater Dam

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Here’s another clever product for a baby: the Baby Bathwater Dam.

It takes a lot of water to fill the bathtub enough for the baby to take a bath, but not with this handy dam! Put it in the bathtub and you only have to fill it up halfway, saving on time and the water bill at the same time.

This is a great baby shower gift. It seems to be only available in the UK, but you can get it on Amazon UK.

Infant Water Bottle Cap Adapter

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Now here’s a handy gadget: It’s a bottle nipple that adapts to a regular water bottle. Screw it into any water bottle to turn it into a baby bottle. $3.95.

I could have really used one of these this summer.

Free Baby Sweater Pattern

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With fall approaching, here is a cute sweater pattern for a baby. The pattern is free, and can be knitted for a boy or a girl.

Baby Bottle Sling

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I’m fascinated with this Bottle Sling, which will hold the bottle for you during that brief period where the baby is too weak to hold the bottle himself.

(Obviously, you would not want to leave the baby alone with this device.)

I admit, this would have been handy to have awhile back, although I’m not sure it’s worth it for $40.

What do you think?

From Pillow Case To Baby Outfit

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Here’s a tutorial on how to turn a pillow case into a baby outfit. Looks perfect for summer.

Jazz Up Lunch With Star Bread

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Here’s a cute idea: take two pieces of different kinds of bread, use a cookie cutter to make shapes in the bread, then swap the shapes for different holes. So in this case, the wheat star is in the white-bread hole, and visa-versa. What a fun and easy way to jazz up a kid’s lunchbox.

Reusable Baby Food Pouches

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While I make most of my baby food, sometimes I buy baby food in pouches out of convenience when we’re out and about and my son needs to eat. Well, as we all know, convenience costs. The pouches run about $1.39 each, which adds up when you are buying two or three at at time.

A clerk at a grocery store told me about these reusable baby food pouches. The idea is that you fill them with your own baby food and then wash them out and reuse again later. If you plan ahead and have these ready to go in the fridge, they can be just as convenient for when you’re on the go–plus homemade baby food tastes better and is often more nutritious.

These particular pouches, while cute, costs $18.49 for four, or $4.62 per pouch. I think that’s a little pricey. So I also found these, which cost $9.99 for three pouches, or $3.33 per pouch. I wonder if there are some even cheaper ones out there…

Zebra Rocker

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This Zebra Rocker is pretty cute. But expensive for $269. Maybe you can make you own, like this rocking camel instead.

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Garden

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When I was 4 years old, my parents gave me the job of planting the carrot seeds in the garden. I was given the packet full of seeds and told to put the seeds in the row. Somehow, the packet got away from me and I spilled some seeds to the side. I guiltily pretended it didn’t happen and finished up my chore.

Later, I came back and I noticed that the seeds I had spilled had sprouted the same way the ones in the prepared row had sprouted. Suddenly, I understood what a seed was. It wasn’t a process my dad came up with–it’s a germ of life. I have always found seeds kind of magical since that day.

Vegetable gardening is one of the most valuable things you can do with your kid. Here are five reasons why:

It Teaches Them About Food–Let’s just say it: Americans are obese. One of the reasons for this is that we’re disconnected from our food. Seeing food grow as a child short-circuits this disconnection. It teaches them what plant-life actually is, and once they know that, they will always have something wholesome to reference when eating a fast food taco made out of Doritos.

It Teaches Them About Nature–You can teach about plants and seeds on the chalkboard, but it’s not the same as putting a seed in the ground and watching it grow. Gardening teaches children about plant life, insects, birds, light, water, fruiting, birth, and death–plus about a dozen other things I’m not thinking of right now.

It Gives Them Fresh Air and Exercise–We all know kids aren’t getting enough of that, right?

It Gives Them Autonomy–Gardening is a valuable life skill. No matter how bad things get, you know how to feed yourself. There’s that old saying, “Feed a man to fish, you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime.” That applies to gardens, and kids, too.

It Gets Them To Eat Vegetables–Studies show that when kids grow vegetables, they are more likely to eat them. This makes sense. After all, what gardener doesn’t want to eat the things they grow?


Make Your Own Baby Swing

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Make Your Own Baby Swing so your newborn can swing on the porch with you. One Sassy Housewife built her own for $27, much cheaper than the $135 swings she found online.

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