12 Things To Do With Old Towels

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Whether it’s a beach towel or just old bathroom towels, don’t throw them out, recycle them. Here’s 12 Things To Do With Old Towels:


Turn Them Into Washcloths

Or A Reusable Swiffer Cover

Or A Roll-Up Sunbather


Or Baby Bibs


Or Cloth Diaper Inserts

Or Spa Slippers


Or Pot Holders


Or A Tote Bag


Or A Terry-Cloth Caddy


Or A Dog Cushion


Or A Beach Dress For A Kid


Or One For An Adult

Make Spa Slippers Out Of Flip-Flops And An Old Towel

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Here’s a pretty awesome idea. Make A Pair Of Spa Slippers Out Of FlipFlops And An Old Towel.

Really, out of this:


Turning a Plastic Cactus Into a Side Table

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Check this out. These girls turned Plastic Cactus From A Thrift Store Into a Side Table. It looks great. I’m impressed.

8 Clever Ways To Recycle The Things Your Kids Outgrow

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When kids outgrow their crib or kiddie pool, don’t throw them away–reuse them! Here’s some inspiration:


Turn the old kiddie pool into a raised garden bed.


The sandbox also makes a great raised bed.

When they’re over the playhouse, turn it into a chicken coop.


Swing sets also make good chicken coops.


The old Pack ‘n Play can make a toddler bed (or fort).


Got a couple of kiddie pools? How about a fountain?


Turn the crib into a desk.


Or into a spiffy new bench.

Easy Tip To Remove Labels From Plastic Tubs

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It turns out it’s easy to remove labels from plastic tubs like yogurt containers. All it takes is pure acetone, which is apparently in the beauty section near the finger nail polish removers. Using that stuff, the label wipes right off.

Recycled Glass Panels

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savvyhousekeeping recycled glass panels

Check out these gorgeous glass panels made from recycled glass by Daniel Maher Stained Glass. They are made from serving bowls, platters, lids, and jars.

savvyhousekeeping recycled glass panels

savvyhousekeeping recycled glass panels

The panels, which are hand-crafted, cost between $1,000-$4,000. Whew.

5 Recycled Chicken Nesting Boxes

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Chickens are not fancy, so they don’t need a fancy place to lay their eggs. Here are five examples of people recycling other things into chicken nesting boxes.


Milk Crates

Drawers From An Old Bureau

Cat Litter Containers

A Desk

LEGO Cake Plate

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Look, a LEGO Cake Plate. It was for a party, but I could see using one all the time.

Organize Kid Bath Toys With A Recycled Mesh Bag

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At Thanksgiving, I took the mesh bag off our turkey and realized it could be recycled into an organizer. My son’s bath toys tended to sprawl all over the bathtub and I’d been looking for a better way to store them. The solution? Use the mesh bag that the turkey came in to hold the toys.

So I washed the bag with soap and water, fill it with bath toys, and hung it from a hook on our bath organizer. Ta-da! An easy and free way to store all his toys.

The mesh lets the water drip down into the tub, which will keep the toys from molding. It makes collecting the toys from the bath easier too, since all we have to do is pile them in the bag and hang them up to dry.

I love simple organizing solutions.

Out Of Bows? Top You Presents With Pretty Magazine Bows

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Check it out, present toppers made out of magazine scraps. This is great if you run out of bows while wrapping presents.

Click here to learn how to make origami bows from magazine pages.

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