5 Recycled Chicken Nesting Boxes

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Chickens are not fancy, so they don’t need a fancy place to lay their eggs. Here are five examples of people recycling other things into chicken nesting boxes.


Milk Crates

Drawers From An Old Bureau

Cat Litter Containers

A Desk

Sweet-Smelling Flowers For The Garden

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Between the herb garden and vegetable boxes and chicken coop, my yard is pretty utilitarian looking. This year, I’m going to put in some flower beds and shrubs to make things look prettier–and part of that includes fragrant flowers. I love it when a pleasant fragrance wafts over you from a nearby garden bed. Here are some sweet-smelling flowers I’m thinking of this year.





















What is your favorite fragrant flower?

Turn A Book Into A Clock

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The clock in my son’s room broke. I’m considering turning a book into a clock. Here’s some tutorials that tell you how to Turn A Book Into A Clock:


Vintage Book Clock


How To Turn A Book Into A Handsome Clock


Literary Clock Using Children’s Books


Also this one.


Book Clock For A Book Shelf

Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine’s Day

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One of the best cakes I’ve ever made is this Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake. It was the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert.

Here are some other Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine’s Day.

savvyhousekeeping Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine's Day

Neapolitan Mousse Cake

savvyhousekeeping Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine's Day

Chocolate Malted Mousse (Mr. Savvy would love this.)

savvyhousekeeping Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine's Day

Coconut Mousse.

savvyhousekeeping Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine's Day

Mango Mousse With Raspberry Coulis

savvyhousekeeping Decadent Mousse Desserts For Valentine's Day

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Passionfruit Mousse:

Passionfruit Mousse

(See more at Something Swanky.)

Free Pattern: Crochet This Alphabet Baby Blanket

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I love this free pattern to crochet an Alphabet Baby Blanket. Great gift potential here.

Knitting Socks: The Anatomy Of The Sock

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I’m considering knitting socks. I found this post on the Anatomy of the Sock, a handy beginner’s guide in breaking down exactly how a sock is knitted.

5 Tofu Dinner Recipes Your Family Will Eat

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I’m trying to have us eat (at least) one vegetarian meal a week around here. This week, that means tofu.

I like tofu. It’s a nice high-protein substitute for meat, and if you cook it the right way, it tastes great. Here are 5 Tofu Dinner Recipes that look like they might convert even people who groan when you mention tofu.

Chinese Salt and Pepper Tofu Restaurant Style

Marinated Tofu and Broccoli Kebabs

Roasted Tofu And Kale With Pine Nuts

Caesar Salad with Crispy Tofu Croutons

Stir-Fried Cabbage, Tofu and Red Pepper

Save Money By Contacting Companies When Things Break

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I don’t know about you, but things don’t seem well made anymore. They often break right after you get them.

I’m not talking about when I accidentally break something I bought–I wouldn’t blame anyone else for that. I’m talking about when things are so cheaply made that they fall apart on you, usually in just enough time that they’re still new, but you can’t easily return them to the store.

In the past when this happened, I would get angry, throw the thing out, and either do without it or buy it all over again. But my mom changed my attitude about that.

Last year, she bought my son a VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset. About two months after he started playing with it, the train broke. It just wouldn’t turn on anymore.

What a piece of junk! I thought. A $50 toy that lasts less than three months?

When my mom asked if my son was enjoying the train, I said, “Oh it broke. He only used it a little bit and the train stopped working. I don’t really want to buy a replacement train, so I guess I’ll just donate what’s left of the playset to Goodwill.”

But my mom said, “No, don’t do that, I’ll write the company and get a replacement train.”

So she wrote VTech an email saying how much my son enjoyed the product, but the train broke. Then she asked them: would they send her a replacement train?

And you know what? They did. The train came in the mail, it works fine, and my son loves the toy.

So I made New Year’s Resolution (in addition to organizing my house and baking bread): In 2015, every time something breaks because it’s poorly made or has some other malfunction, I’m going to write the company and ask for a replacement.

Earlier this month, I had my first chance to make good on my resolution. In November, I went to Michaels and bought a frame for a poster. Last month, my son knocked the poster over. It flopped slowly over in a way that might have cracked the glass of a normal frame, but that’s not what happened. Instead, the glass shattered. It was like Hollywood breakaway glass. It flew all over the bathroom, into the kitty litter, behind the toilet. It was a mess, and worse–it was dangerous. The glass was brittle, thin, and sharp. Thank God my son didn’t get cut.

Here’s a picture of the glass after I cleaned it up:

Now, if my son had just cracked the glass, I would have sucked it up as our having damaged the frame. Again, I don’t expect a company to replace something that I broke through carelessness or bad luck. But the glass in this frame was a safety hazard, and I felt the company should know about it.

And after all, I’d paid $30 for the frame, and now I had to buy another one.

So I wrote Michaels an email explaining the situation, including the CPU from the frame so they knew what product I was talking about, and asked what they could do for me. It took five minutes to write.

Today I got a reply from a Michaels Customer Care employee, who said:

I have sent the issue to our Buyers, so they are made aware of the issue and can address with the vendor. If you could please provide me with you address, I will see what can be done regarding providing a replacement or credit for the frame.

Well! Isn’t that nice?

Throughout the year, I’ll share other stories of contacting companies to get replacements when things break before their time. We’ll see what they do.

What To Do With Oranges

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Oranges are in season. I know, because my orange bush is loaded with them. Here’s some recipes featuring the orange:

Orange Julius

Poached Oranges

Salmon with Orange-Fennel Sauce

Orange Curd

Orange Marmalade

Chocolate Cake Baked In An Orange

Cane Vinegar Chicken with Pearl Onions, Orange & Spinach

Delicata Squash with Orange & Pistachios

What’s your favorite thing to do with oranges?

Keep Your Fridge Cleaner With $2 DIY Fridge Mats

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Anything that cuts down on cleaning time is worth considering in my book. So I like this idea of making DIY Fridge Mats out of $2 place mats.

Instead of having to clean your entire fridge every time, you can just take out the mats and clean them, thus cutting down on the time spent cleaning the fridge and keeping things tidier overall.

I like this idea. Hmmm…

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