Interactive Online Map For Food Foraging

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I’ve talked about foraging on here before. I regularly pick blackberries, walnuts, mustard, mushrooms, bay leaves, and fennel from the land around me.

So I was pleased to learn about this Interactive Online Map that tells you where you can forage for food in your area. You can see where the food is growing, whether it’s tasty, and when to pick it. There’s even a street view that lets you see exactly where to look.

Most importantly, the food is either on public land or overhanging on public land. (Always make sure you’re foraging, not stealing.)

I plugged in my zip code and discovered two apple trees and a plum tree on public land in my town that I didn’t know about. There’s a nearby pear tree too.

Check Out This $1 Mansion

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This historic mansion in Memphis sold for $1.

The owners, Jose and Jennifer Velázquez, put in $2.1 million of renovations, and look at it now.

Bedroom before:

Bedroom after:

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

The mansion is now a bed and breakfast. Rooms are $245 a night.

There are so many gorgeous historic buildings in America that can be purchased dirt cheap. I don’t understand why more people don’t do this.

Check Out More Pictures Of The House Here.

Cinderella Apron

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Do you like to complain that when it comes to household chores, you are the Cinderella of the family? Well now you can double that message by making your very own Cinderella apron.

This is a pretty effective strategy to get your family to help out more around the house, if you ask me. First make the apron, then walk around singing this song.

The rest of the family will pitch in in no time.

Make A Reading Lamp Out Of A Water Jug

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I am very curious to see if this works.

Supposedly, if you slap a headlight onto a jug of water, it illuminates the water and makes a reading lamp/lantern for your tent when you’re camping.

Seems plausible. Has anyone tried this?

10 Summer Squash Recipes

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My squash plants are already producing plenty of young pattypan squash and zucchini. Time to use them up! Here are some summer squash recipes I’m considering.


Cheese, zucchini, and corn in a tortilla. How can this be bad? I might try adding some pesto too.


Homemade pizza with grilled veggies and fresh mozzarella. I can’t believe we haven’t done this yet.


A new way to use squash in breakfast.


Pattypan squash just seems designed for stuffing. Here’s Alton Brown’s version.


A healthier twist on lasagna. I have to admit, I would probably add more cheese.


Another good one from Martha Stewart. This recipe uses zucchini, but any summer squash would work.


These muffins are a hit every time I make them.


I discovered these quick zucchini pickles last year. Highly recommended.


I love the idea of this, but I would probably use broth and milk instead of water in the soup base.


I’m so curious about this recipe. It looks like it could be really tasty.

Pattypan Squash With Eggs

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Here’s a great breakfast idea from Sunset Magazine: Pattypan Squash with Eggs.

You hollow out the inside of the squash, bake, then put in the egg, and bake again until the eggs set.

Since I am growing pattypan squash this year and I have chickens, you can be I’ll be trying this recipe out.

It’s almost as interesting as Baked Eggs In Avocado.

Make Your Own Sealed Sandwiches

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In general, sealed sandwiches aren’t the kind of thing I would spend money on, but I can see one exception: road trips. They would be a good way to feed a kid a healthy, frugal lunch without getting a mess all over the car.

And with a little gadget, you can make sealed sandwiches yourself. Unsophisticook explains how.

Handtrux Backhoe

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I like this unique beach toy, the Handtrux Backhoe. Great for the sandbox too. $16

How To Childproof A Box Fan

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Disclaimer: This method of childproofing isn’t going to stop a determined child from sticking a finger in the fan. It’s just meant as an easy way to add an extra barrier in front of the blade. You should still use common sense and keep the fan away from a child.

We found an easy, cheap way to childproof our box fan. All it took was a mosquito screen that you can buy for $5 from any hardware store.

To childproof, we took off the front of the fan, put a layer of screen in front of the blade, and replaced the front.

It works great. The air still goes through the screen, but it adds a layer of protection against Savvy Jr. putting his finger on the blade.

How To Childproof A Box Fan

You Will Need:

    Box Fan
    Mosquito Netting
    Glue gun (optional)


1. Unscrew and remove the top of the fan.

2. Stretch the screen over the fan.

3. Put the front back on the fan.

4. Screw the fan top back in.

The screws will go right through the screen. When you get all in place but the last two or three, have someone else stretch the screen tight. Finish up the screwing.

5. Cut the excess screen away. We found a sharp knife works best. Just cut close to the fan as possible.

Ta-da! Childproof(-ish) fan.

If you want to make this hack permanent, add a bead of hot glue around the edge of the screen before replacing the top of the fan. The glue will help hold the screen in place.

Sure beats buying a whole new fan.

How To Make A Pisco Sour

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If you’re looking for a cocktail for Father’s Day this year, but are tired of whiskey-based cocktails (this does happen occasionally), DIY Cocktails and I suggest the Pisco Sour.

Pisco is a grape brandy produced in Chile and Peru. The Pisco Sour has been around in some form since at least the 19th century. It’s the Peruvian national cocktail.

To make a Pisco Sour, combine pisco with lemon juice and simple syrup, shake with raw egg whites*, and add a splash of club soda and a dash of bitters.

The end result is a drink halfway between a margarita and an old fashioned: perfect for a summer’s day, but still manly as all get-out.

Pisco Sour


    1 1/2 ounce pisco
    3/4 ounce lemon juice
    1 ounce simple syrup
    2 ounces club soda
    2 egg whites
    1-2 dash bitters


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.

In a cocktail shaker, combine pisco, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg whites. Add ice.

Shake for a long time, at least a solid minute. You want to agitate the eggs enough to form a foam.

Pour the cocktail into a glass. Add the club syrup and top with bitters. Enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day.

* Ah yes, the raw egg whites. As we’ve talked about before, when shaken properly, egg whites magically turn into foam that’s perfect for cocktails. If you’re concerned about this, you can buy pasteurized egg whites at the grocery store. Or just don’t make this cocktail. (This Blood Orange Old Fashioned is also quite tasty.)

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