What To Do With Canned Sardines

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Like Sardines in a Can

I loved sardines. Somehow, though, I ended up with several cans of them, and I’m tired of looking at them in my pantry. How should I use them up? Here’s some ideas:


Alton Brown’s Sardine-Avocado Sandwiches


Beer-Batter-Fried Sardines and Lime


Pantry Puttanesca with Sardines


Canned Sardine Ni├žoise


Greek Salad with Sardines

4th of July BBQ Round-Up

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Having a 4th of July party? Here’s a round-up of helpful links:

101 Recipes for Grilling

Red White And Blue Desserts

Make Your Own Watermelon Keg

Lemon Beeswax Candles

Watermelon On A Stick

How To Use A Chimney Starter For BBQ

Frozen Water Balloons As Ice

Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed

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Ha, ha, this is great: Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed. $99.

5 Twists On American Apple Pie

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The fourth of July is just around the corner. What’s more American than apple pie? Probably something, but anyway, here’s 5 Twists On Apple Pie for Independence Day.


Spiced Bourbon Apple Pie sounds good.


It’s hot. Why not go for Apple Trifles?


Or Apple Pie Ice Cream Pie?


What is more American than Apple Pie? Perhaps Deep-Fried Apple Pie.


These Apple Pie Bars look delicious.

From Bookcase To Baby Clothes Closet

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I love this idea. Turn A Bookcase Into A Closet For Baby Clothes.

12 Things To Do With Old Towels

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Whether it’s a beach towel or just old bathroom towels, don’t throw them out, recycle them. Here’s 12 Things To Do With Old Towels:


Turn Them Into Washcloths

Or A Reusable Swiffer Cover

Or A Roll-Up Sunbather


Or Baby Bibs


Or Cloth Diaper Inserts

Or Spa Slippers


Or Pot Holders


Or A Tote Bag


Or A Terry-Cloth Caddy


Or A Dog Cushion


Or A Beach Dress For A Kid


Or One For An Adult

Make Spa Slippers Out Of Flip-Flops And An Old Towel

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Here’s a pretty awesome idea. Make A Pair Of Spa Slippers Out Of FlipFlops And An Old Towel.

Really, out of this:


Turning a Plastic Cactus Into a Side Table

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Check this out. These girls turned Plastic Cactus From A Thrift Store Into a Side Table. It looks great. I’m impressed.

5 Things To Do With Summer Squash

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So. Much. Squash. In. My. Garden. This. Year. Better get cooking. Here’s 6 Things To Do With Summer Squash:


Grilled Chicken Kebabs


Italian Sausage and Zucchini Pasta


Zucchini Fusilli


Summer Squash and Portobello Mushroom Vegetarian Lasagna


Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan

Stop You Kid’s Nodding Head With A Slumber Sling

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I could have had used this gadget when Savvy Jr. was younger. You know when they fall asleep in the car and their head gets heavy and falls forward? The Slumber Sling stops that from happening. No more worries about a sore neck and shoulders.

It’s a little pricey at $21.99, though. It looks like it could be easy to sew yourself.

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