Drawer Dividers

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Here’s a neat gadget–Drawer Dividers. They are spring-loaded wooden dividers that you can insert into most drawers and create compartmentalized storage.

$18 for a set of 2.

I could use a few of these.

Layer Cake Slicing Kit

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If you, or someone you know, makes a lot of cakes, this Layer Cake Slicing Kit would be pretty useful. It’s a metal collar, of sorts, that guides your knife through the cake, making for a perfect cut every time. From the site:

All you do is secure the slicing mold around the cake and slice along the evenly spaced grooves for up to eight even layers. Then use your cake lifter to place a cut layer on your cake stand, top with some homemade filling or buttercream, and then repeat until complete.

While this may qualify as a unitasker, it looks like it makes cake baking a lot easier. $60.

Little Monster Jeans Patch

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Most of the time, I don’t like how patched jeans look and would rather leave the hole, but this Little Monster jeans patch is kind of awesome. One Artsy Mama turned a hole in the jeans into a felt “little monster” on her son’s knees. Great way to extend the life of those jeans, and very fun for the kid too.

Make A Leather Cell Phone Case

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I kind of like these Leather Cell Phone Case. They look like something you might see in a department store.

And they are easy to make, especially if you have a leather scrap lying around. It’s a matter of cutting out the template (which you can print from the site), then sewing and gluing up the envelope. Great Christmas gift potential!

Love Letter Napkins

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Napkins with love letters from famous writers on them. From the site:

Each cotton napkin carries the complete text of a love letter written by a literary great. They are as sweet (Emily Dickenson), profound (Jack London), witty (Mark Twain) or bold (D.H. Lawrence… writing to the husband of his mistress!) as we all dream of being when expressing our own feelings.

Kind of pricey at 4 for $48, but what a conversation starter.

3D Printing

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Awhile back, I told Mr. Savvy that I was going to stop buying plastic things made in China because they kept breaking on us. Unlike things made out of wood or metal, plastic is nearly impossible to fix… or it was. Then Mr. Savvy became fascinated with 3D printing.

3D printing is a way to create three dimensional objects out of plastic (or other material). To do this, we purchased a Printrbot.

The way a Printrbot works is, a spool of plastic is threaded through the machine, which is melted and squirted out in a pattern, kind of like a hot glue gun. Once it cools, you have a usable object. Here’s a short video of the Printrbot in action:

The Printrbot costs $550. I mention this because a short time ago, the most affordable 3D printer cost $2000. We’ve experimented with different plastics and settled on PLA, a nontoxic plastic made out of corn and sugarcane. It costs $35-$50 a kilogram.

The Printrbot is not something I could use on my own–it took Mr. Savvy’s considerable technical skills to calibrate it when we first got it. But it’s still pretty cool. Here are some of the better things we’ve printed out:

The end of this plastic watering can (made in China) broke, so we printed out a new tip and attached it with duct tape. It works great now.

Paper towel holder.

A plastic case that converts an AA battery into a C battery. No more purchasing of different battery sizes for us. We use it to run our Roomba.

This little plastic doodad fixed our dishwasher. When we first got our dishwasher, the plastic washer cracked and the spinner on the top broke, making the machine not work as efficiently. We replaced the broken washer, and it works great now.

A bottle opener.

A tube squeezer.

Giant keys, a baby toy for Savvy Junior.

A hedge hog, another baby toy for Savvy Junior. The wheels roll.

A case for a Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer. (But that’s another post.)

Plus much more.

3D printing is the manufacturing of the future. Instead of buying crap from overseas, we will be able to print our own crap in our own houses. Imagine the creative possibilities.

How To Remove Wax From Jar Candles

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Following yesterday’s post on making your own pumpkin candles, here’s a post on removing wax from candles in glass containers. That way, you can reuse the containers and reuse the wax in other candles. All it takes is a knife and some hot water.

DIY Pumpkin Candles

Filed under: DIY — Savvy Housekeeper at 7:00 am on Monday, October 8, 2012

For some elegant fall decorating, try turning a small pumpkin or gourd into a candle. You scoop out the inside of the pumpkin and fill it with melted wax and a wick.

These will look great as seasonal decoration or as part of a centerpiece on a table. (Thanksgiving is coming up, you know.) Use a dried-out gourd, and they might make great Christmas gifts. You can even re-use wax from an old candle to save some money, too. [Craft]

R2-D2 Star Wars Costume

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This R2-D2 Star Wars Costume is great for Halloween. It’s for a baby age 3-24 months.

Swing Table

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I love this Swing Table! Such a cool idea. I could see this making mealtime or the boardroom meeting a heck of a lot more fun.

If you had some carpentry skills, you could build your own, too. [Design Milk]

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