My Mother Doesn’t Want Your Advice Onesie

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No comment.


Adorable Bunny Pancakes For Easter Breakfast

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Bunny-shaped pancakes for Easter morning!


Use whip cream and coconut for the tail.


Here’s another version using bananas for the ears and feet.


And this one uses melon for the ears.


If you have bunny cookie cutters, use them to make the shapes.

Bunny Tutorial by Jenni Price Illustration 1

And add a few drops of red food coloring to make them pink.

Easter Egg Lunch

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I love this idea. Make an Easter Egg Lunch by putting plastic eggs in an egg carton and filling them with snacks. It couldn’t be simpler.

My son would love this.

DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf

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This would be a great gift for a new mom: DIY Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf. It only cost $5 to make.

Save Money Update: Michaels Frame And Taylor Digital Thermometer

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Time for an update on my New Year’s Resolutions to Save Money By Contacting Companies When Things Break. Every time something I own breaks or malfunctions, I’ll contact the company and ask for a replacement.

So far, I’ve interacted with two companies. Here’s how it went down.

Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer

I wasn’t surprised when my digital thermometer broke. I’ve had to buy several digital thermometers over the years; they don’t last that long. So when my Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer broke, my impulse was to throw it out and buy a new one. I actually went so far as to put it in the garbage can before I remembered my New Year’s Resolution.

Then I pulled the thermometer out of the trash and looked at it.


As you can see in this picture, the wires pulled out of the probe. The rest of the thermometer still worked. So I contacted Taylor and asked them to send me a new probe.

They wrote back and said I could buy a new probe if I wanted.

I wrote them again and said, would they send me one for free? The thermometer was less than a year old.

They wrote back and asked if I had sent in the warranty.

I wrote them and said, no I hadn’t. Still, would they please send me a free probe?

They agreed, but I had to jump through all these hoops that included telling them where and when I bought thermometer, taking pictures of it, sizing and editing the photos so they could see them, and writing down many many serial numbers. It felt like Taylor was trying to discourage me so they wouldn’t have to send me the probe. However, I did all they asked.

They wrote again and said that the probe was back ordered until April. Well! Okay then. This was in February, as I’ve been waiting patiently ever since for my probe. I do miss having a digital thermometer.

From this experience, I got the feeling that Taylor thermometers break a lot and this is how the company deals with complaints. I also learned next time to send in the stupid warranty card.

Michaels Frame

On the other hand, I was super impressed with Michaels. As I wrote in this post, a poster frame I purchased from there exploded all over my bathroom.

In November, I went to Michaels and bought a frame for a poster. Last month, my son knocked the poster over. It flopped slowly over in a way that might have cracked the glass of a normal frame, but that’s not what happened. Instead, the glass shattered. It was like Hollywood breakaway glass. It flew all over the bathroom, into the kitty litter, behind the toilet. It was a mess, and worse–it was dangerous. The glass was brittle, thin, and sharp. Thank God my son didn’t get cut.

Here’s a picture of the glass after I cleaned it up:

I told Michaels about this situation, and they went way beyond my expectations. Not only did they send me a $25 gift card, they went to the trouble of sending a new frame to my house. Here it is:


Sew Your Own Cloth Menstrual Pads

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I’m not sure if cloth pads are something I would do for my period, but I can see how they would save you money. Cloth pads last for years and can be used over and over, while disposal pads cost what? $8-$13 a pack? Plus cloth menstrual pads have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Cleaning them, though…

Here’s a tutorial for making your own. And here’s information about using cloth pads.

Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets

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Love this idea: Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets. It takes an elastic “stretch cord,” needle, and jelly beans. I want one.

DIY Watermelon Fruit Leather

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Sometimes I grow too many melons and didn’t know what to do with them all. I’ll have to remember this for next summer: Watermelon Fruit Leather. Apparently it’s just watermelon juice and sugar.

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2015

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Vintage Photos of Ladies Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (6)

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

How To Save Time In The Kitchen

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Since doing my Time Audit, I’ve been looking into how to save more time. In addition to Cleaning The House, I want to reduce the 15 hours I spend cooking food.

Here are some tips that are saving me a lot of time in the kitchen already. I know they’re working because suddenly there are entire evenings where all I have to do is heat something up or throw an already-assembled dish in the pan. It’s pretty great.

How To Save Time In The Kitchen

Make Meal Plans. Don’t just plan what to eat for dinner in the week, get organized. Think through all the ingredients you’ll need, check what’s on hand and what’s not, and make a detailed list. Ideally you’ll need to do only one shopping trip for the week.

Multitask. If I’m in the kitchen making dinner, I’m probably doing three or four other things too. For example, last night I was making salmon and veggies for dinner, but I was also cutting up apples to dry in the dehydrator, roasting a butternut squash for soup, freezing excess blueberries, and cleaning up. I get a lot accomplished whenever I’m in the kitchen.

Mise en Place. This French term “putting in place” means to take everything out before you start cooking so that it’s all right in front of you. You save time when you’re not going to the refrigerator 800 times to make one meal.

Do Prep All At Once. If you know you’re going to be doing something twice in the week, it’s more efficient to do it all together at once. For example, if I’m chopping vegetables for one meal, I’ll look through my meal plan and chop any other vegetables I need for the week. If I’m cooking bacon for a quiche, I’ll cook an extra piece or two to throw in a bistro salad the next day at lunch.

Cook Extra Food To Freeze. Recently, I made stuffed shells for dinner. I intentionally made a double batch and froze the extra into dinner-sized containers. One night this week, I’ll pull those shells out and heat them up, and it will be so easy.

Make Freezer Meals. You can take the above a step farther and make a ton of meals up front and freeze them for easy access. Check out this post 100 Freezer Meals in 5 Hours for inspiration.

Make Leftovers You’ll Actually Eat. Make meals you won’t mind having twice in a week and then have leftover night. Last leftover night, my husband had veggie quiche and I had spaghetti with meat sauce and Savvy Jr. had a little bit of both.

Double Duty Your Oven. If I’m cooking something in the oven, chances are I’m also cooking something else too. Use the oven as much as you can during the time that it’s on. You’ll save time and money on your energy bill.

Preserve Things Right Away. If you know you’re not going to use all of something, take a minute to preserve it on the spot. Say you’re using part of a can of corn and know you’re not going to eat the rest right away, stick it in a container, label it, and put it in the freezer. You’ll save time and eliminate the chance of the food going bad.

Have A Baking Day.
If you like to bake, do it all at once. I recently made banana blueberry muffins, two loaves of bread, and lemon curd in one afternoon. All it took was staggering my time. While the bread dough was rising, I mixed the muffin batter. While the muffins were cooking, I made the lemon curd. I came out with a ton of food for my family in not all that much time.

What are your tips for saving time in the kitchen?

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