Savvy Housekeeping Is On Hiatus

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I need to apologize to those of you who’ve been contacting me and asking what happened to this blog. I’ve been super busy and simply don’t have time right now to update. I appreciate you all so much and am glad that you’ve enjoyed the blog. As of right now, it’s on hiatus but I do plan to return sometime soon-ish.

In the meantime! You can follow me on my personal blog, OhJoy, which I’m updating frequently with articles I’ve written, trips I’ve taken, and around-the-house projects I’m attempting.

I’m also on Twitter every day. I hope you’ll follow me!

And never fear. Savvy Housekeeping will return at some point in the future.

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2015

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Vintage Photos of Ladies Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (6)

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Merry Christmas 2014

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Have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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Have a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween 2014

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Have a great Halloween!

Comments Are Back!

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I missed hearing from you folks, so I’m putting comments back on, only with moderation. Let’s hope that keeps comment spam under control and still allows me to hear from you.

So please share your thoughts!

Happy 4th of July

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Hope you have a great Independence Day!

A Note On Comments

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Dear Readers,

I enjoy hearing from you, and hope you will continue to contact me with your helpful thoughts and insight.

The problem is that SPAM has taken over my comment section and I just can’t keep up with it. So for the time being, I’m turning comments off on all new posts and will be turning comments off completely in the future.

However, you can still email me with your feedback. Please feel free to drop me a line at Savvy (at) Savvyhousekeeping (dot) com.

You can also comment on:




Thanks for understanding.

Life is too short for comment spam!

Happy Easter 2014!

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[The Telegraph]

Happy Easter!

Skinny Piña Colada On Upwave

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Thanks to Alia Hoyt at Upwave for including the Skinny Piña Colada on its round-up of 6 Low-Calorie Spring Break Cocktails. Here’s what they said about the drink:

Piña coladas taste rich and indulgent — and for good reason: They’re loaded with empty calories (probably more so than any other beverage on this list). This skinny version requires only three simple ingredients: coconut vodka and vitamin C-rich pineapple and lime juice — to turn out a mixed drink fit for a tropical getaway.

Click here to see the other 5 skinny cocktails Upwave recommends.

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